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It takes only one pest to cause a huge problem for a business. If you’re a restaurant or warehouse, office building or school, you can’t afford to have a problem with pests. With KEA Pest Control commercial services, you’ll receive comfort knowing your business and those you serve are protected.

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Flies, rodents and roaches can enter facilities from cracks and crevasses in the foundation of buildings. Even the cleanest buildings have pest control problems. If you spot one pest, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only one. There could be a breeding area or nest close by. Many people use store bought products to try to eliminate pests, but without locating the source of the problem with the help of a professional, the problem can fluctuate into a bigger issue. KEA Pest Control can provide expertise in this area. Our experts are fully trained on the biology of pests which aids them in how to rapidly control your problems.

Detection And Prevention Plans

Preventing pests before they become a problem is key. Every KEA Pest Control Commercial service delivers custom plans to control pest problems effectively without affecting the function of your business, in addition to preventing future infestations.

We provide an integrated pest management plan that uses the proper methods tailored to your specific pest control needs. This plan includes, but not limited to, the control of ants, flies, roaches, and rodents.

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